Welded Mesh Panel Machine

Welded mesh panel machine adopts late-model high efficient welding transformer. The voltage adjusting range is big and it can fall into eight different grades, which enlarge the range of wire diameter size. In order to adapt the capacity of the clients’ main power transformer and reduce the rush of the current, electric and electronic welding control adopt the separating control electricity input, i.e., the welding transformers don’t work at the same time but in several times when welding the same row of cross wires.
Electric and electronic welding control system adopts synchronous control technology. The welding time and separating control welding is composed of numeric integrated circuit, which is with high control precision and stable function. The mesh pulling system is controlled by step motor, which makes the pulling aperture more standard and accurate.
The line wire and the cross wire are pre-straightened and cut.
The mesh aperture size welded is diversified. The line wire spacing can be adjusted through the related parts. The cross wire spacing adjusting is controlled by microcomputer. It can exist different cross distances on one piece of mesh sheet.
welded mesh panel machine can be used to produce mine timbering mesh panel, railway fence mesh panel, express highway fence mesh panel, high building mesh panel and flower room mesh panel .

  • Welded Mesh Panel Machine
  • Wleded Mesh Panel Welding Machine
  • Mesh Panel Welding Machine
  • Welded Mesh Panel Machine
  • Welded Mesh Panel Machine
  • Welded Mesh Panel

Main parameter :

Input power 380v 50hz Welding point No. 13
Max. mesh width 1200mm Feed line wire Pre-straightened and cut
Line wire space 100-200mm Feed cross wire Pre-straightened and cut
Cross wire space 100-200mm Motor power 4.0KW
Line wire diameter 3.0-6.0mm Welding speed 45times/min
Cross wire diameter 3.0-6.0mm weight 2700kg
Welding transformer 120KVA*2 Overall dimension 1900*5500*1300mm