stainless steel filter element

  • Stainless Steel Filter Element
  • Stainless Filter Element
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Stainless steel filter element is that perforated metal and several layers of wire mesh are sintered together. As the support of the perforated metal, this sintered wire mesh has the higher resistance to pressure and mechanical strength. Mainly used in water treatment, dust removing, pharmaceutics, polymer industry, food and beverage, ect. It can be produced into filters in the type of barrel, disc, plate. The thickness and the layers of the perforated metal can be produced according to customer’s requirement.
Material: Standard material of the perforated metal is SUS304, the material of the wire mesh is SUS304 or SUS316.
The features of stainless steel filter element
1. Filter element has high-precision filtration, large efficient filtration areas, large bilge receiving capacity.
2. Filter element is good effect in countercurrent washing and excellent heat-resistant performance.
3. Filter element has good mechanical strength, acid and alkali resistant, long life service.